Corporate Social Responsibility

Canyon Snow will design and implement a corporate social responsibility program to meet your business goals and stakeholder expectations.

Our clients operate in cost-constrained environments where customers, investors, activists, and legislators increasingly demand compliance with diverse standards of conduct. These standards require rigorous training, auditing, and reporting. We have well-developed expertise crafting solutions to such challenges and we manage our clients' sustainable CSR implementations using proven, cost-effective strategies and tools..


Design and implementation of CSR programs

Canyon Snow works with clients to assess the business implications of CSR and to customize an approach that is best suited to the company's goals, values, and business environment. We guide clients in building an internal program out of disparate functions, cultivating executive and functional support, and communicating the program to internal and external stakeholders. 

Experts in leading codes of conduct

Canyon Snow principals played a key role in the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) development process: negotiating language, managing stakeholders, and building consensus to protect the interests of the electronics hardware industry. We work with clients to assess and implement the EICC and other codes of conduct as an effective way to maintain consistency with industry expectations. Clients will benefit from our depth of understanding of the EICC and the current implementation trends in the supply chain. 

Expert review of CSR marketing materials

Canyon Snow brings proven expertise to clients as they prepare to disclose elements of their CSR programs to external and internal stakeholders. We collaborate in drafting policy statements, enhance corporate messaging, brief and train key stakeholders, and guide clients in tying together the existing elements of a program into a cohesive package. 

Supply chain implementation of CSR

Canyon Snow works with clients to bring their CSR principles and program to the supply chain. In a business environment characterized by a complex global supply chain, companies face the risk of damage to their brand due to irresponsible behavior in their supply chain. We guide clients in assessing areas of greatest risk and designing and implementing an appropriate supply chain program.