Environmental Compliance

Canyon Snow will guide you through the complexities of global environmental compliance.

Legislation, regulation, and customer demands impose increasingly complex, burdensome environmental requirements on businesses operating in all market segments and locations. We design and manage compliance strategies, including certification, registration, data reporting, and crisis response, with the goal of maintaining our clients' access to their markets. 


Reliable access to regulatory and legislative analysis

Canyon Snow provides expert resource to clients, through periodic information and analysis updates, as well as through a pool of available inquiry hours. The complexity of environmental legislation affecting the electronics industry is increasing rapidly and asynchronously around the globe. Electronics producers must remain up to date on emerging requirements in key markets in order to prepare for compliance without business interruption, and to provide customers and investors with timely compliance information. 

A customized RoHS compliance strategy

Canyon Snow works with clients to develop tailored plans for RoHS compliance which include options for assessment of component compliance and assessment of manufacturing process compliance. These strategies also address documentation of proof of compliance, training for key functions within the company, and demonstration of compliance to customers and enforcement officers under both normal and crisis conditions.

Component analysis and manufacturing readiness assessment

Canyon Snow guides clients in selecting an expert service provider for these important aspects of compliance. We draft the scope of work and request for proposal and evaluate all bids for responsiveness, competitiveness, and expertise using a scoring methodology to be developed with the client. We also review and approve the final work product.

Documentation, training, and communications implementation

Canyon Snow develops and implements a robust system for compliance demonstration for clients. This includes design, implementation, and test of a compliance documentation retrieval system. Key representatives of the company are also trained to speak authoritatively on matters relating tot he company's compliance position, and to access back-up documentation when required. Canyon Snow also assists clients in responding to both customer and enforcement agent inquiries on an as-needed basis.

A customized WEEE registration strategy

Canyon Snow assesses clients' WEEE registration responsibility based on their unique geographic footprint, market presence and penetration, as well as channel partnerships and relevant individual EU Member State requirements. These assessments support both compliance and market entry decision-making. Canyon Snow then creates a tailored strategy for meeting registration requirements of the WEEE Directive to allow clients to focus efforts, conserve resources, and enhance competitive position in the market. 

Oversight and completion of WEEE registration

Canyon Snow manages the Member State registration requirements for clients according to the company's agreed strategy. We use our specialized expertise and relationships to ensure appropriate WEEE registration and provide proof of compliance for our clients' customers, distributors, and other interested parties. 

Sustained compliance and market access

Canyon Snow determines the ongoing responsibilities for WEEE compliance (record-keeping, reporting, etc.) for our clients. We also develop and implement action plans for meeting these requirements in a sustained manner. We also design processes to allow clients to demonstrate WEEE compliance to new sales partners and customers and to react to regulatory changes in WEEE implementation. 

Assessment of fiscal requirements of WEEE compliance

The WEEE Directive requires producers to reserve appropriate funds to meet the cost of handling and recycling waste electronic products. Compliance schemes, which assist producers with the operational requirements of recycling WEEE, assess membership fees. Several Member States have also instituted mandatory annual registration fees. Canyon Snow guides clients in assessing the financial requirements of compliance with WEEE to properly plan, forecast, and communicate with the investment community.