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Canyon Snow Consulting provides expert support to companies affected by externally driven demands on essential, yet non-core, areas of their business. As our clients go to market, they must take into account the diverse special agendas of customers, governments, activists, and others. We manage this complex interface for our clients, and provide critical expertise, advocacy, and advice on demand. Our clients are thus freed to focus on their core competencies. 


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Environmental compliance

Legislation, regulation, and customer demands impose increasingly complex, burdensome environmental requirements on businesses operating in all market segments and locations. We design and manage compliance strategies, including certification, registration, data reporting, and crisis response, with the goal of maintaining our client's access to their markets.

government affairs

Canyon Snow's principals have well-developed relationships with public officials worldwide. We develop and maintain these relationships to ensure our clients anticipate, shape, and react to the development of legislative and regulatory initiatives affecting their businesses. We work with our clients to manage the important elements of their business-government interface.

corporate social responsibility

Our clients operate in cost-constrained environments where customers, investors, activists, and legislators increasingly demand compliance with diverse standards of conduct. These standards require rigorous training, auditing, and reporting. We have well-developed expertise crafting solutions to such challenges and we manage our clients' sustainable CSR implementations using proven, cost-effective strategies and tools. 


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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