Alissa Evans

ASSOCIATE 294-8295

Alissa Headshot Canyon Snow.jpg

Alissa Evans joined Canyon Snow in January of 2018, bringing experience in policy research, emerging sustainability issues, and a passion for finding business solutions for social impact. At Canyon Snow, Alissa collaborates with clients to develop and execute corporate social responsibility programs, analyze sustainability trends, and address issues related to supply chain transparency.

Prior to her Associate role at Canyon Snow, Alissa worked at Micro Focus International and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in briefing center specialist roles, where she helped implement corporate briefing programs. She also worked as a governmental liaison for the California Public Interest Research Group, helping to run a local campaign for renewable energy policy.

Alissa has volunteered in science education, developing and teaching K-12 curricula, and organizing natural history education events. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from University of California, Berkeley, where she focused on the intersection of public policy, business innovation, and environmental sustainability.